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Hair Loss In Men


What Causes Hair Loss in Men and How to Treat It

Hair loss in men is a very common condition that affects many males.  Male pattern baldness is just one kind of baldness and is also the most prevalent type.  Hair loss can start before age 30 and increases with age.  It can affect a man’s hair to varying degrees as some men experience only patches of hair loss while others can lose pretty much all of their hair.  Typically hair loss in men starts at the hairline and begins making its way back across the head.  This usually leaves a man with an “M” formed from the hair that remains.  The remaining hair also becomes shorter and finer.


A common belief is that baldness comes from the maternal grandfather.  This idea isn’t necessarily false, but both parents can play a part in their children’s chances of losing their hair.  Male pattern baldness is usually thought to be genetically linked, although there are other theories regarding its evolution through the years.    One of these evolution theories suggests that hair loss in men occurs via sexual selection as a way to see how old a man is as well as how mature he is socially.  In a study, participants saw men with full heads of hair as more aggressive and socially immature, whereas balding men were seen as being socially mature.

Once hair loss has started to show up, men can either let it take its course and just live with it or they can take one of many routes to help treat it and in some cases, even reverse it.  One solution that is used is called Minoxidil, commonly known as Rogaine, which is rubbed directly on the scalp to help slow the hair loss in men by stimulating the hair follicles.  Sometimes it can cause new hair to grow, but that is not the norm.  When you stop using it, the rate of hair loss returns to the previous pace it was at pre application. 

There are procedures that can be very expensive like a hair transplant where hair plugs are taken from places on the scalp where hair still grows and placed in balding areas.  This often takes several sessions to have any effect.  More recently there are new products on the market that use high quality natural herbs and have shown no side effects when used.  These specialized formulated solutions are safe, easy to use, odorless, and water based.  These quality herbal solutions that are used to combat hair loss in men can be found at rejuvhair.com.


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