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What amount of the Inhairit Solution should I use each day?

About two drops to cover the affected area and about an inch around it.

I have a healthy head of hair and want to keep it. What do you suggest?

Use our hair loss solution once a week to eliminate the causes of hair problems.

Are ther any side effects?

No side effects have been reported. Some users have experienced itching in the beginning which goes away after a few days. This means that "Inhairit" has started penetrating blocked pores and cleaning the system.

I am using another product for hair growth. Can I use Inhairit in combination with other products?

We recommend that you not use any other hair loss solution while using Inhairit, you will not be able to prove the effectiveness of the solution.

I think my hair loss is hereditary. Will Inhairit solve the problem?

In situations where hair roots exist but are dormant, the roots can be revitalized by the Inhairit solution. Inhairits natural solution works in cases where the hairs are there and start falling off.  

Is it expensive?

Compared to any similar treatments for hair loss on the market it is less expensive. It does not fall in the category of shampoos



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